David & Martin unveils its latest concept jewellery collection

Swedish brand David & Martin has launched its Mirror Collection, characterised by little jewellery mirrors formed from the gleaming surfaces of coin-shaped silver and gold-plated silver.

Inspired by the continuous Scandinavian longing for warmth, the collection consists of several models of necklaces and earrings. Each jewellery mirror has two sides – reflecting the world within and the outside world.

This is but the latest of the jeweller’s offerings, which generally rely heavily on concepts and tonalities.

Earlier this year, it launched the Shell Collection, comprising jewellery made of silver and polished with a special technique to produce a radiant bluish sheen. Clean and minimalist, each shell contains a silver pearl.

In keeping with the sea theme, the parts of the shell constantly rub against each other, creating a tender bell sound that alludes to the voice of mermaids.

The silver pieces in these new collections of David & Martin cost from US$150 to US$220.


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