Italian brand showcases chain-based silver jewellery designs

Gold heart necklace made of silver and gold chains from the Dual Jewellery collection by ElenaLara Jewellery

ElenaLara Jewellery is offering a new perspective on chains and gemstones through silver designs with intriguing shapes and unexpected details.
Created by designer Elena Lara Bonanomi, the Italian brand revolves around silver and gold chains, resulting in jewellery pieces with double designs, metal fabrics with innovative textures, and graphic patterns on coloured gemstones that are hand-carved in geometric shapes.
ElenaLara Jewellery combines tradition and innovation to highlight its fascination for details and geometrics. "Each piece of jewellery makes for inspiring sensory experiences, thanks to the delicacy of the chains and their sparkling reverberation," the brand notes.

Crosses earrings made of silver and gold chains from the Dual Jewellery collection of ElenaLara Jewellery
The Dual Jewellery collection uses thin gold and silver chains that are painstakingly micro-welded to form a second design such as a cross, a circle or another symbol.
The Sliced Gems collection, meanwhile, showcases manually carved gemstones such as rose quartz, chrysoprase, aquamarine and chalcedony that are assembled to create three-dimensional symbols. Jewellery lengths can be adjusted by pulling the chain ends. 

Heart, Bow Tie and Follow Me coloured gemstone necklaces
from the Sliced Gems collection of ElenaLara Jewellery
"Using Made in Italy artisan expertise, ElenaLara Jewellery stands out for its minimal yet highly decisive designs that celebrate and encourage modern women’s freedom and individuality, winking at pop culture and symbolism and enabling the wearer to establish an emotional relationship that outlasts any fleeting vagaries of fashion," the brand discloses.

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