Belle Etoile shines bright with new collection

Pyramid silver earrings with hand-painted turquoise Italian enamel and pavé-set stones by Belle Etoile 

US silver jewellery brand Belle Etoile draws inspiration from nature and the world at large for its Spring 2018 Collection featuring on-trend patterns, textures and colours.
Taking design cues from cities, architecture and nature, the collection incorporates new colours, textures and shapes. For instance, the Nairobi Collection features exotic patterns and textiles while the Empire Collection casts the spotlight on luxurious pearls. The Ladybug Collection, for its part, takes design cues from a magnificent and enchanting forest.
Retail price points for the new collection start at US$125.
Nairobi silver pendant with hand-painted Italian enamel and pavé-set stones by Belle Etoile 
"The ability for scenes from the world to transform into wearable art fascinates us. The motif of transformation circles back to our essential themes: nature and growth," says executive vice president Carolyn Thamkul. "This season's collection captures the idea of expanding horizons and renewal while maintaining nostalgia for old world glamour. This combination unites our present with our future and our past, reminding us that throughout it all, one must always shine bright."
Empire silver ring with mother-of-pearl and pavé-set stones by Belle Etoile 
Belle Etoile sales manager Bryce Harenburg adds that the brand's collection for the season caters to every personality and occasion, thanks to its new shapes and on-trend styling possibilities.
Ladybug silver pendant with hand-painted turquoise Italian enamel and pavé-set stones by Belle Etoile 

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