Thai manufacturer casts spotlight on vitreous enamel jewellery

Dragonfly silver brooches by Fish Enterprises (Thailand) Ltd

The intricate technique of plique-à-jour enamel remains alive and well in the hands of Fish Enterprises (Thailand) Ltd.
According to the company, it is among the few vitreous (hot) enamel producers that still follow the tradition of expert enamel craftsmen Peter Carl Fabergé and Rene Lalique from over a century ago.
Fish Enterprises' impressive array of plique-à-jour enamel jewellery pieces in gold and silver, fetch from US$30 to US$2,000 each.

Bat brooch by Fish Enterprises (Thailand) Ltd
The company targets buyers seeking unique, timeless jewellery with a strong point of differentiation.
"Our target clients are people who are looking for a different kind of jewellery, something they can appreciate and promote for a lifetime," said the manufacturer, which produces its own Nicole Barr brand and also collaborates with other established brand names.

"Our designers make use of the latest CAD/CAM equipment. Every single production process is done in-house, from toolmaking and enamelling to final finishing and electroplating," Fish Enterprises added.

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