Lapis woos millennial market with vibrant, colourful silver jewellery

Silver rings by Lapis
Silver jewellery brand Lapis is out to fill the gap in the market for fashion-forward, colourful and personalised silver jewellery.

Its trendy, eye-catching pieces bank on the younger generation's penchant for bright, creative and meaningful jewellery to give them a foothold in the branded silver jewellery scene.

"Our vision is to create high-quality sterling silver jewellery that attracts millennials who are looking for personalised jewellery with a clean, chic and colourful look," says Hoey Ho, managing director of Hong Kong's Starlite Development Ltd, which launched the brand in the summer of 2016.

Silver earrings by Lapis

Colour is a key element of the Lapis brand. This is provided in droves through its two main ranges – silver jewellery adorned with nano stones and coloured gemstones in vibrant colours, and a line of enamel silver jewellery with gradient colours. The pieces retail for US$30 to US$75 each.

Ho is keen on sharing her interpretation of fun, trendy and colourful jewellery with the world. Her strategy is to tap department stores and chain stores worldwide as each country has that market segment of consumers seeking bright and fresh ideas when it comes to jewellery.


Silver necklace by Lapis

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