Mayumi launches opera-inspired pearl silver jewellery collection

Tahitian pearl earrings in rose gold-plated silver
with multi-coloured cubic zirconia from the Turandot Collection of Mayumi

Italian pearl jewellery manufacturer Mayumi has unveiled its new Turandot Collection of silver jewellery with Tahitian pearls.
The Turandot Collection draws design inspiration from the opera of the same name. Written by Giacomo Puccini, the musical masterpiece tells of a tenacious and determined princess who surrenders to the charms of love, the company notes. The new jewellery collection reflects the strength and beauty of Puccini’s princess and of modern, headstrong women, it continues.
Jewellery pieces in the Turandot Collection feature Tahitian pearls set in rose gold-plated silver and adorned with multi-coloured cubic zirconia.

Tahitian pearl necklace in rose gold-plated silver
with multi-coloured cubic zirconia from the Turandot Collection of Mayumi
Based in Verona, Mayumi of Fasoli Gioielli Srl has specialised in the manufacture of pearl jewellery since its establishment in 1906. It produces jewellery in gold and silver with all types of pearls. According to the company, around 60 percent of its current production is in silver.
"Our silver jewellery pieces boast the same top-quality craftsmanship as our gold items. The main difference is the precious metal used. Our silver jewellery collections often consist of freshwater pearls adorned with white, green or blue cubic zirconia. Clients can also opt for Akoya, South Sea and Tahitian pearls that are embellished with coloured gemstones," said Mirca Sgaravato, Mayumi's e-commerce manager, in a previous interview.

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