Links of London offers star-shaped designs and sparkling keepsakes

Splendour ring in gold vermeil with diamonds by Links of London

UK brand Links of London has enhanced its portfolio with its new Splendour Collection that draws inspiration from British Gothic architecture and its latest selection of alphabet and number charms.
The Splendour Collection takes design cues from Westminster Abbey and its recurrent pattern of star shapes.
According to Links of London, English poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge once said: "the principle of gothic architecture is infinity made imaginable." The new collection therefore brims with infinite styling possibilities, with just the right amount of sparkle to brighten one's day.
Splendour bracelet in gold vermeil with diamonds by Links of London
An extension of the brand's Essentials collection, the silver jewellery pieces are adorned with sparkling white diamonds and come with 18-karat gold vermeil accents. Westminster Abbey's four-pointed star-shaped motif appears in different guises including fret-cut and crisscrossed options. 
Links of London also recently expanded its range of Keepsakes with new diamond-pavé alphabet and number charms in sterling silver.
Building on the monogramming trend, the dainty keepsakes allow wearers to carry their initials, express playful messages or keep lucky numbers close at all times. 
Alphabet charm in silver with diamonds by Links of London

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