Timax expands its portfolio of silver fashion jewellery

Double silver ring with cubic zirconia and rose gold-plated accents by Timax Jewelry Ltd
Timax Jewelry Ltd has taken the wraps off of its new silver jewellery collection of simple yet modern designs.
Its latest product offerings include open bangles, double rings, ring-bracelet combinations, transformable earrings and fashionable jewellery sets embellished with cubic zirconia and coloured gemstones in a variety of platings.
Silver ring-and-bracelet combination adorned with blue spinel and cubic zirconia by Timax Jewelry Ltd
The Hong Kong-based manufacturer expects its expansive range of fashion silver jewellery to draw the attention of professional buyers seeking reliable suppliers with a keen sense of style, a good reputation for quality and a finger on the pulse of the market.
While Timax Jewelry has built itself a solid customer base for OEM projects, it now intends to grow its wholesale business by highlighting its prowess in jewellery design and craftsmanship, the company said.
Transformable silver earrings with black agate and cubic zirconia by Timax Jewelry Ltd

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