Pandora celebrates everyday milestones in its collection for Autumn 2017

Geometric Glow range from Pandora's Autumn 2017 Collection

Backed by the "DO See The Wonderful" marketing campaign, Pandora's collection for Autumn 2017 is a completely new range of jewellery inspired by several key trends including mixed metals and geometric shapes.
"Our Autumn 2017 Collection encapsulates the originality and creativity of thought and design expertise we have at Pandora. We allow the metals to speak for themselves, adding their characteristic warm or cool colour to looks," says Pandora chief creative officer Stephen Fairchild. "Tonal stones and crystals, translucent cubic zirconia, and glittery enamel and glass further underscore the metal shades. We explore the play on light when materials are combined and the way in which articulated designs cast shadows and light."
Geometric Lines necklace from Pandora's Autumn 2017 Collection
Pandora's Geometric Lines statement jewellery pieces are a masterclass in symmetry. Featuring diamond-shaped formations of silver with cubic zirconia, the line consists of stud and dangle earrings, rings and an interchangeable necklace with a sliding clasp.
Cascading Glamour earrings from Pandora's Autumn 2017 Collection
The Vintage Elegance pendant necklace, the Radiant Teardrop ring and the Classic Elegance ring sparkle with oval, pear-shaped and round brilliant-cut cubic zirconia respectively. For its part, the Geometric Radiance square charm pays tribute to angular shapes through perfect proportions.
Pandora also introduces the Octagon Fancy Cut, an innovative new stone cut with greater sparkle and brilliance than traditional round cuts.
The Hearts of Pandora series likewise showcases new designs for fall, including sleek new band rings with an encircling bridge of cut-out hearts.
Radiant Teardrops earrings from Pandora's Autumn 2017 Collection
Sharing the spotlight this season is the brand's Moments Open Bangle. With two stoppers for easy placement of charms, the bangle comes with a choice of decorative and interchangeable end caps – minimalist polished or glittering pavé – that can be attached and removed with a simple push and twist. Other showstoppers include new enamel charms and a Fairytale Tiara set.
The collection is supported by the DO See The Wonderful campaign, which enjoins women to reward their successes big and small with timeless pieces of jewellery that remind them of what they are all about.

Fairytale Tiara ring from Pandora's Autumn 2017 Collection

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