Gabrielle Bruni Creations showcases new pearl line

Silver necklace with freshwater pearl and rose gold accents by Gabrielle Bruni

Thailand-based brand Gabrielle Bruni Creations has launched a new pearl silver jewellery collection.
According to managing director Gabrielle Bruni, the collection features modern styles with freshwater pearls in rose gold-plated silver.
Freshwater pearl ring in silver with rose gold accents by Gabrielle Bruni
"Designs in this collection are more contemporary and at lower price points than our brand’s signature jewellery pieces. The fresh styles and their competitive prices should be an attractive draw for our wholesaler clients from the US," she explains.
The brand has also expanded its men's silver jewellery line, which now offers more designs enhanced with gold accents.
Silver earrings with freshwater pearls and rose gold accents by Gabrielle Bruni
Bruni notes that the market had become more price-sensitive this year, with most buyers seeking fine designs at competitive prices. Aside from producing smaller versions of Gabrielle Bruni Creations' popular collections, the company has also been expanding its wholesale business and developing collections for other brands.
"Our main focus for this year and next is to keep supplying good designs and keep making our existing customers happy. There is still business out there – it is just a matter of working smarter to get it," Bruni says.

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