Portugal makes its mark in the silver jewellery scene

Coloured gemstone rings in silver by Marco Cruz Joalheiro
Portuguese designer brands Marco Cruz Joalheiro and Styliano are taking the world by storm with their intricate silver jewellery pieces adorned with natural coloured gemstones.
For the last 15 years, Marco Cruz Joalheiro has regaled confident and cosmopolitan women with its handmade silver jewellery with natural coloured gemstones and 14-karat gold details. "I love coloured gemstones and I love nature. My brand combines these two passions of mine," says designer Marco Cruz.
His jewellery ranges from the classic to the exclusive, with pieces retailing from US$120 to US$600 each. Current market favourites are mixed tourmalines and rock crystals, Cruz notes.
Silver jewellery by Marco Cruz Joalheiro
Marco Cruz Joalheiro has over a thousand designs, and collections are refreshed twice a year. The brand has established a presence in Italy, Spain, Russia, Hong Kong and the US; expansion to Japan and Australia is on its agenda for 2017. Minimum investment in the brand is US$2,000, says Cruz.
Silver jewellery by Styliano
Coloured gemstones are likewise near and dear to Gabriela Styliano's heart. She designs around the stone and presents a veritable palette of delights to her customers. "Our pieces have character and personality – they look and feel strong and vibrant," the Portuguese designer notes.
Available in 22 countries, her brand Styliano casts the spotlight on free-form silver rings, necklaces and pendants with natural coloured gemstones and accents in 14-karat gold. At present, its main markets are Spain, France, Italy and the US, she shares. On the Asian front, the brand has high hopes for opportunities in Taiwan, mainland China, Hong Kong and Korea.
Coloured gemstone rings in silver by Styliano
"I love tourmalines and beryls, and even the inclusions in the stones because they are so natural. Different markets prefer different stones – Europeans are partial to the colours yellow and pink, and are not really into green. Asians, on the other hand, cannot get enough of green stones," Styliano points out.
Her jewellery pieces cost an average of US$300 each at retail, and independent retailers need to invest around US$3,000 to carry the brand.

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