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Bright lights
Silver is cherished for its versatility of form, allowing for creative designs without breaking the bank. Cubic zirconia has long been a loyal companion in adding colour, shine and glamour to jewels. The stone’s extensive array of hues and shapes allows manufacturers to bring their vision to life and cater to a market fascinated with fashion and design trends. And with most millennials and young-at-heart consumers ranking emotion and self-expression above provenance and inherent value, more manmade materials are getting a warmer welcome in silver jewellery, mainly for daily wear but increasingly for grander occasions.
Gold rush
Mixed metals, vermeil and plated options are all the rage nowadays in the silver world as they oblige growing demand for all things golden. Silver exhibits tremendous versatility in this regard, offering a plethora of selections to satisfy the clamour for gold accents or gold colours in a wide range of price points.
Modern circles
Pearls are taking a contemporary turn, with modern, trendy designs fast erasing any doubts on their suitability for today’s fashion-forward consumers.
Personal touch
In this age of self-expression, society promotes choices and eschews cookie-cutter solutions. Same goes for jewellery, with consumers increasingly gravitating towards pieces with personal significance to them.
Ceramic dreams
Ceramic has arguably enjoyed a top-down progression in the jewellery scene. High jewellery houses such as Bulgari and Chanel embraced the material in earlier collections, giving it legitimacy in the eyes of fine and silver jewellery players. Over the last few years, ceramic has built a following all its own in fine jewellery circles.
Colours of childhood
Children are drawn to all things shiny and bright. Add a dash of colour, a sprinkling of daydream and a dose of sweetness and they are positively smitten.
Captivating rounds
Pearls have come a long way in shedding their undeserved reputation as an old-fashioned gem. After all, there is a world of difference between being classic and being dated, and pearl jewellery – even at its most traditional – is arguably always the former.
Bejewelled marvels
Gems add value and sparkle to silver
Doses of brilliance
Diamonds find a home in silver
Beyond the norm
Non-traditional materials add shine to silver
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