Swedish jewellery exhibition comes to Hong Kong

Seven artists from the Swedish creative group LOD will showcase their precious metal work and jewellery in an exhibition in Hong Kong from November 29 to December 15.

The Ädel Metall (Precious Metal) Exhibition will present contemporary jewellery, mostly in silver, as well as handmade silver objects such as candle stands and bowls that epitomise unique Scandinavian design and craftsmanship.

LOD is a creative collaboration founded in 1999 by six fellow graduates from Konstfack, the largest university college of arts, crafts and design in Sweden. The group now has seven members including Klara Eriksson, Erik Tidang, Maki Okamoto, Tobias Birgersson, Pernilla Sylwan, Simon Westling and Petronella Eriksson. This will be the first time the group, which is well-known in Scandinavia and whose works are carried by major galleries and displays in the region, will display their work in Hong Kong.

The exhibition, co-curated by AME Gallery and Swedish silversmith Malin Ohlsson, will be held at the BOOM Gallery in Sheung Wan from November 29 to December 9 and the Ame Gallery in Central from December 11 to 15.

Metal work by Klara Eriksson

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