Swarovski's narrative for 2014

Gem Visions, Swarovski Gems’ acclaimed jewellery trend and design publication, sees the world of 2014 as a place where the imagination, already liberated by rapid technological advancements, sits comfortably alongside traditional craftsmanship. Patterns and subtle references make design quieter and more abstract, inaugurating a cleansing period. The gemstone is revered as a natural rarity and a work of art, with renewed interest in traditional coloured stones as well as in the extreme rarities.

The publication’s four trends for 2014 deal with the concept of polar opposites, dualities locked in an eternal conversation. A new design language is forged, with a visual vocabulary of intense richness, juxtaposing agelessness and modernity, past and future, intricate details and modernist streamlined elements. Raw yet refined, barbaric yet sophisticated…

Gem Visions 2014 also features two special themes that highlight the importance of telling stories to support design ideas and concepts. Chosen for their strong cultural impact, Vienna Vibrations and Jogging Gems offer a rich creative source for the storytelling that shapes effective jewellery design.


Sacred and symbolic, medieval and mystical, jewellery becomes figurative, sculptural and intricately detailed. Messages and meanings of jewellery are conveyed through allegory suggesting ancient philosophies, the mystics and alchemy.

Silver bangle with Swarovski Zirconia and Swarovski Created Stones by JewelArc International, Thailand; and silver bangle with Swarovski Zirconia by Monaco Bijoux Bangkok, Thailand

A trend fuelled by the teen energy of young consumers who resist stereotypes, moving constantly from one extreme to the next. Nothing is as it seems in an alternative universe of fused genders and hybrid objects where a mad craving for a pink revolution reigns supreme.
Black rhodium-plated silver pendant with Swarovski Gemstones Topaz on rubber cord by Zlatarna Celje, Slovenia

Minimal East
Asia and its new jewel-obsessed markets flow toward a simpler, more contemporary Zen-like style in keeping with today’s Asian preoccupation with combining ancient crafts with innovative technology and a fast-developing artistic expression that increasingly embraces the traditional joy of jade.
Silver ring with Swarovski Gemstones Black Spinel by Belatriz, Brazil; and silver pendant with Swarovski Zirconia Green TCF by Hong Kong Galaxy Jewelry, China

Eldorado Remix
South becomes the new north in this exploration of Afro-Brazilian heritage. Modern Brazil meets African pride, restoring respect for the depth and richness of these two ancient cultures, generating new jewels that are sculptural, powerful and spiritual.

Gold-plated silver cuff with Swarovski Zirconia by Condor, Brazil

Vienna Vibration
The Austrian capital possesses a magnificent cultural heritage combined with a fiercely modern outlook that is fuelling its reemergence as Europe’s dynamic design powerhouse. Always vibrating with inspiration and innovation, Vienna seamlessly fuses tradition and modernity capturing perfectly the zeitgeist, which is reflected in Swarovski Gems’ created stones, especially the Swarovski Zirconia.
(From top) Hidden Beauty/Treasures of Vienna silver ring with Swarovski Zirconia by Elisabeth Habig, Vienna

Silver earrings with Swarovski Zirconia White, Mint TCF by G-Link Jewelry Design, Hong Kong

Rhodium-plated silver necklace with Swarovski Zirconia and Swarovski Created Stones by Georgini, Australia

Jogging Gems

Growing in sophistication, sportswear is increasingly paired with jewellery. This trend, which gained impetus from the London 2012 Olympics, is now a major influence on style and design as illustrated by the famed Tennis Bracelet. Gem Visions’ new take on sporting life includes an examination of the role played by genuine gemstones, specifically the Swarovski Genuine Topaz.  


(From top) Textured silver rings with Swarovski Marcasite and Swarovski Gemstones Topaz in Honey, Rainforest and White by Marroni Design, Italy

Silver ring with Swarovski Multicolored Plastic Presettings set with Zirconia White, and silver ring with Swarovski Gemstones Topaz Blazing Red,
Swarovski Plastic Presettings set with Zirconia White and enamel by Delfina Delettrez, Italy

Silver and Swarovski Marcasite bracelet by Pochai Jewelry, Thailand

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