Thomas Sabo adds diamonds to portfolio in Autumn/Winter 2016 collection

Thomas Sabo has unveiled its 2016 Sterling Silver Autumn/Winter Collection, which heightens the luxury with diamond accents for new and iconic designs.
The collection revolves around the message, "Together." Creative director Susanne Kölbli explains: "Items of jewellery represent the most intimate human feelings: it is love, personal happiness and those special moments in life that we find reflected in an item of jewellery, wishing to wear them very close to us."
To relay this message of luxurious togetherness, the season’s stand-out pieces feature faceted diamond embellishments. For the very first time, iconic Thomas Sabo designs receive exquisite diamond upgrades under the Glam & Soul Diamonds range. The new Triangle Diamonds range, for its part, melds urban coolness and unique charisma.
From this season onwards, the engravable Love Bridge line will be expanded to include the romantic Love Bands range of rings and the symbolic Love Coins line of pendants.
Meanwhile, the culture-inspired Nile Treasures range highlights Egyptian symbols of protection through abstract designs, and the Prana series showcases Far East art and traditional paisley fabric patterns.
Thomas Sabo operates nearly 300 of its own shops across five continents and collaborates globally with approximately 2,800 trade partners.

Together ring in sterling silver with diamonds, from Thomas Sabo's Autumn/Winter collection
Triangle Diamonds necklace in gold-plated sterling silver with diamonds, from Thomas Sabo's Autumn/Winter collection

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