Preciosa highlights boho chic in Fall/Winter 2016-2017 offerings

Preciosa Crystal Components, the century-old Czech crystal expert, has taken the wraps off its offerings for the Fall/Winter 2016-2017 season, which are characterised by the surrealism of blending crystals and Boho chic.

The design concept of CREATE INSPIRATIONS FW 2016-17 was derived from 1970s classic Bohemian Rhapsody.
In recent seminars in Yiwu and Guangzhou, China, Preciosa International (HK) Ltd area trade marketing manager Molly Chung said that inspirational eras of the past will continue to influence design trends in upcoming seasons. “The various products are like different kinds of musical beats, sometimes harmonic, sometimes sharply contrasting. Designers would discover their favourite genre from this beautifully free-flowing rhapsody,” she said.

Khaki and Light Topaz are among the new colours introduced by Preciosa. The earthy-urban Khaki infuses fashion designs with rustic yet classic boho chic style. Light Topaz, for its part, takes one back to the golden era of sparkling mirror balls, lending a funky and  energetic style to accessories, clothes and ornaments. Preciosa has also unveiled the Crystal Golden Honey coating for MAXIMA Chaton and VIVA 12®, which adds a dash of opulence to any design.

A number of innovative products are also making their debut this season. Crystal Threads, taking design inspiration from ‘60s hippies and ‘70s boho style, can be used either as fringes or woven/sewn on different fashion items. Cameo, depicting Helen of Troy, is proposed for use as a cabochon or in settings.

The crystal manufacturer has also launched Sticky Crystal by Preciosa Crystal Components. Made with the lead-free Preciosa MC Chaton VIVA 12® and the new patented Sticky Crystal technology, the self-adhesive crystals can be applied on different surfaces and materials. They can be customised in terms of colours, shapes, coloured backings and sizes. Chung noted that the product would undoubtedly bring infinite sparkling possibilities to different industries.

Popular items in Preciosa’s portfolio have also been enhanced. The MC Pearshape 301 has a brand-new cut that increases its brightness. Large Hole Rondelles now come with larger holes to provide greater flexibility to designers, and the MC Butterfly 601 is now available with settings.

From top: Khaki, Light Topaz and Crystal Golden Honey from Preciosa
 Preciosa's large hole rondelles

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