Swarovski unveils cut and colour innovations

Swarovski has lifted the veil on stunning new innovations for its Swarovski Zirconia, Marcasite, Nano and Topaz.

The Swarovski Zirconia Dahlia Cut is a 10-sided cut inspired by the extravagantly petaled Dahlia, making for a perfect centre stone or an extremely eye-catching accent when set in a bouquet of stones, while the Swarovski Zirconia Antique Cushion Checkerboard Cut fascinatingly combines the geometry of a rectangle and oval. Delightfully youthful, the Swarovski Zirconia Bloom Cut boasts strong ‘70s vibes that play on the timeless appeal of flowers just like the Swarovski Zirconia Round Rosebush Cut that distills the heady romance of summer in an English rose garden into a centre stone of unbridled beauty.

New colours are also making their debut. An exceptional take on brown, Swarovski Zirconia Caramel can smolder like an ember or blaze like a flame, especially when set in yellow gold. Swarovski Zirconia Fancy Light Green is a fresh green well-suited to delicate youthful designs that can also create dramatic contrasts when set against darker shades. Swarovski Zirconia Fancy Champagne reflects the peach tones of champagne bubbles that imbue a spirit of celebration. And Swarovski Zirconia Frosty Mint accommodates contemporary urban themes while expressing nature at its most extreme through its icy appeal.

Swarovski Marcasite has likewise expanded its range with new cuts. Swarovski Marcasite Checkerboard Cut provides a deeply intense sparkle, while the Swarovski Marcasite Dome Cut provides greater iridescence. Swarovski Marcasite Honeycomb Cut consists on individual stones in stone-intensive designs to form a grand metallic, extremely modern honeycomb. Meanwhile, the Swarovski Marcasite Peak Cut, inspired by the winter sun falling on the Austrian Alps, has distinctly graphic facets that exploit the opaque reflections of marcasite.

Swarovski has also applied its expertise in precision cutting to Nano, a cast-able glass ceramic usually paired with precious metals, most notably silver and gold. Available in the Round Pure Brilliance Cut, Nano offers a modern design option capable of a plethora of interpretations. The selection includes Nano Tourmaline Paraiba, Nano Sapphire Blue Dark, Nano Ocean Grey Dark and Nano London Blue Dark.

The brand-new Swarovski Genuine Topaz Puresse Cut, for its part, unites the simplicity of a cabochon dome with the complexity of a facetted body. It comes in various shades of blue, with its water drop appearance paying homage to the most vital of elements.

Swarovski Zirconia Frosty Mint
Swarovski Zirconia Dahlia
Swarovski Zirconia Caramel
Swarovski Zirconia Fancy Champagne

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