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Gem sensations
Coloured gemstones are thriving in silver, with gem-set creations gaining a strong following in the market. The metal’s relative affordability brings enjoyment of these gems to more consumers while encouraging creativity through versatility of design and colour.
Rhapsody in blue
Tanzanite and silver make beautiful music together
Pantone’s bridal push for silver
Stones that match and complement Pantone's Spring 2014 palette, as more brides gift bridesmaids with silver jewellery with gems in line with Pantone's fashion colour picks
Heavy Metal
Once rarities, freshwater pearls with chrome-like finishes, opalescent spectral fire and deep hues are suddenly common enough to become the biggest craze in the dot.com pearl world.
Copper Cousins
The growing scarcity of fine natural turquoise and accompanying spike in prices are forcing silver users to look for strong-resemblance replacement gems. The pickings are slim but still worth consideration.
Turquoise: Crying the blues
Whether clear or matrix, Southwest turquoise varieties are becoming as prized and pricey as French wines. With silver the chief precious metal in which this gem is set, this situation is both cause for celebration and concern for silversmiths
Purple mountain majesty
A new plum-coloured Mexican opal owes its overnight success with silversmiths to its remarkable resemblance to popular chalcedony.
Summer and Silver
“By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea,” there you’ll find retail jeweller John Bajoras selling silver jewellery set with a wide array of sea- and sky-coloured gems that go well with July and August spent at the beach.
Amethyst: The quartz that would be king
What ruby and sapphire mean in terms of beauty and prestige to goldsmiths, amethyst means to silversmiths. As such this abundant purple quartz has quickly become the new crown prince of precious stones in the domain of sterling.
The New Ice Age
Only a few years ago, the idea that silver diamond jewellery could ever become a jewellery store staple seemed an impossible dream. Now diamonds set in sterling are becoming as much a reality for jewellers as diamonds set in gold. But does this mean silver is on its way to becoming a marital metal?
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