Versace - Spring/Summer 2017

Active summer

Versace ushers in an athletic, active summer that emphasises a woman’s freedom to be whomever she wants to be. The brand spices up everyday sporty looks with an extra luxe Versace touch.

The collection melds bold colour blocks with feminine elegance, elevating the windbreakers, stretch pants and tracksuits of sportswear with fashionable tailoring and dynamic swagger.

Its ultra-lightweight nylon is worked to create a beautiful draping effect, while tailoring in technical jersey sculpts the form, confirmed by a harness belt. Drawstring pulls control the volume of nylon sleeveless dresses, creating ruching that sinuously contours the form.

Bonded waterproofs are given Versace attitude with cropped macs along with mid-calf and fluid skirts sporting a trim of see-through plastic. A new print clashes checkerboards with fresh Versace lettering, while another reproduces the swirl of baroque waves on a powerful ocean.

Below-the-knee dresses are liberated by high slashes, pleats and wrapped panels to allow ease and energy in movement. Strips of lace trim essentials, while the Versace crystal chain mail is embroidered to create a new mesh.

Tag: Spring/Summer 2017

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