Ports 1961 - Spring/Summer 2017

Summer cheer

Ports 1961 imbues its Spring 2017 collection with a colourful, optimistic streak true to its inner essence of Global Soul, Urban Spirit.

The breezy stripes, colours and prints of its chic collection evoke places, holidays, scrapbooks, memories, leisure and happy days.

With bright and vivid colours whether in its summer stripes or large floral prints, Ports 1961 captures the zest of summer holidays in a wardrobe made for tropical sojourns that can also oblige in creative offices.

Oversized shirts are at once billowy yet exquisitely tailored, matched with either slim trousers or roomy pants. The brand plays with geometric proportions, folding striped fabrics into sharp pleats. Floral prints are bold and arresting in colour and size, available in full-on mode or in subtle details.

At the other end of the spectrum are the collection’s creations in blue and black, whether apart or combined, for a more serious and sophisticated look.

Tag: Spring/Summer 2017

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