Fendi - Spring/Summer 2017

Sorbet palette of chic

In a flourish of decorative opulence twisted with an athletic élan, Karl Lagerfeld reflects on a modern rococò muse for the Fendi Spring/Summer 2017 Collection.

The cascading silhouette falls in light volumes from a cinched waist, accented by lingerie worn beneath floating aprons and ribbon-tied gowns. Playful proportions infuse workwear shapes with imperial grandeur; rosette and bow appliqués blossom down a cotton twill sleeve, and cargo pockets shape blazers with a peplum flair.

Embossed satin and patent leather take a liquid sheen, while French garden florals glisten across metallic fil coupé, cloque jacquards and sheer organdy prints. From filigree embossing to encrusted tulle and fantasy intarsia, exquisite fabrics are nuanced with both rich and diaphanous textures, balanced by the return of the iconic Fendi Pequin and Regimental stripes for a sense of uniform rigour.

Tag: Spring/Summer 2017

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