Elie Saab - Fall / Winter 2016-2017

Elie Saab’s fashion rhapsody for Fall/Winter 2016-2017 is immersed in a sense of freedom, depicting the elusive, melodic dance between feminine and fierce, grounded and free. The collection is characterised by a gypsy-style synergy of layered texture, imbuing the pieces with rhapsodic character.

Light is carried through a palette of rich, dense tones by open textures in guipure and fishnet lace. Silhouettes are spatially fluid and airy for winter, their volumes skimming the body with bohemian influence, grand and feminine.

Fabrics such as brocade and velvet dévaré resonate in separates and sportswear-inspired pieces. Silk and leather fringes sweep across skirts, jackets and dresses, inviting ease of movement for the modern urban nomad while black, passementerie and galloon ribbons form a harmony of embellishment.

Muted polka dots travel though the collection in a medley of print, lace and embellishment. Abstract prints of bold florals and rising smoke in fiery Carmen red and black offset hues of moonlight, topaz, pearl and regal dark dahlia.

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