Dior - Fall / Winter 2016-2017

Dior pays tribute to the maison’s iconic silhouettes all the while reinvigorating them with young, stylish touches.

The fashion house’s Ice-Cream dress, designed by Christian Dior in 1949, inspires the plant motifs that run through the Fall/Winter 2016-2017 collection. The highly graphic motif appears enlarged and transposed into pink and Bordeaux on a silk jacquard coatdress. It likewise crops up on an orange and grey sweater as well as with drawings of birds on a knit and on the draped velvet of a dress.

Dior’s coats, meanwhile, revisit the silhouette of its iconic Bar suit but with modern accents such as asymmetric or exaggerated peplums and defined waists emphasised by large modern martingales. Collars are rolled like a silk scarf, pleated, plunging and folded back over the shoulders.

Knits embrace contemporary shapes, and ensembles highlight techniques and motifs such as quilting, hand-painted devoré velours, recoloured jacquards, trembling beaded floral bells and rectangular sequins.

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