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Blumarine - Spring/Summer 2017
Blumarine waxes poetic this season with breezy ensembles that evoke images of exotic travel, desert heat and a longing for explorations. Its collection derives from lyrical images of workers, interiors, landscapes, botanicals and a love of roses.
Versace - Spring/Summer 2017
Versace ushers in an athletic, active summer that emphasises a woman’s freedom to be whomever she wants to be. The brand spices up everyday sporty looks with an extra luxe Versace touch.
Valentino - Spring/Summer 2017
This season, Valentino unveils a string of flowing gowns, pleated and otherwise, in a stylish tribute to Hieronymus Bosch’s The Garden of Earthly Delights crossed with contemporary touches inspired by fashion designer Zandra Rhodes.
Ports 1961 - Spring/Summer 2017
Ports 1961 imbues its Spring 2017 collection with a colourful, optimistic streak true to its inner essence of Global Soul, Urban Spirit.
Giorgio Armani - Spring/Summer 2017
For Spring 2017, Giorgio Armani presents its Charmani Collection that finds a new balance between discipline and freedom, bringing together the elegance and sensuality of femininity and the sophisticated, natural spirit of Armani.
Fendi - Spring/Summer 2017
In a flourish of decorative opulence twisted with an athletic élan, Karl Lagerfeld reflects on a modern rococò muse for the Fendi Spring/Summer 2017 Collection.
Etro - Spring/Summer 2017
For Spring 2017, Etro gathers a gang of eclectic travellers, a group of free-wheeling, soulful women who dauntlessly explore the most adventurous corners of the world.
Valentino - Fall / Winter 2016-2017
Valentino immerses itself in the world of ballet for the Fall/Winter 2016-2017 season with the classical ballerina serving as muse for its creations.
Elie Saab - Fall / Winter 2016-2017
Elie Saab’s fashion rhapsody for Fall/Winter 2016-2017 is immersed in a sense of freedom, depicting the elusive, melodic dance between feminine and fierce, grounded and free. The collection is characterised by a gypsy-style synergy of layered texture, imbuing the pieces with rhapsodic character.
Fendi - Fall / Winter 2016-2017
Fendi’s collection for the season is modern and romantic, pairing rich deep shades with bright contrasting colours. Soft silhouettes are given an edge with graphic prints. Ruffles and frills instill a decidedly feminine allure on lush offerings of colourful velvet and faux fur.
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