SPECIAL REPORT: Silver shines at June Hong Kong Fair 2016

Silver jewellery manufacturers showcased their latest releases at the recently concluded June Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair, with some companies reporting solid orders from new and existing clients.
Thailand-based Triple Tree Export Co Ltd managed to touch base with several new clients, according to managing director Peerush Jarugosol.
“Japan used to be our top export market, but European countries such as Germany, Spain, Poland and Switzerland currently account for more than 50 percent of our business. Right now, European clients are partial to pastel shades, with blue chalcedony being particularly popular,” Jarugosol said.
Smaller styles
Triple Tree Export also created a special showcase at the June Hong Kong Fair for its new Jueri brand of small, dainty silver jewellery with gemstones, which caught the eye of at least two buyers from Russia, said Jarugosol.
Also new in the display windows of the company, which serves as the international export arm of ATMS Group, was its new Mine collection in 10-karat gold.
Pearl silver jewellery specialist Wing Wo Hing Jewelry Group Ltd saw buyers at the fair opting for smaller styles with freshwater pearls.
Jennifer Tse, deputy general manager of the Hong Kong-based company, entertained mainly regular clients from the US and Asia at the show. “They ordered smaller quantities but this was still okay for us. We find that, this year, people are ordering fewer items but doing so more frequently,” Tse noted.
Wing Wo Hing showcased its new silver jewellery collection with freshwater and Tahitian pearls at the show. The jewellery pieces are available in various platings to create fresh, modern looks such as the striking combination of Tahitian pearls set against rose gold-plated silver.
Solid orders
Thailand’s Nida Factory Co Ltd saw more clients from Asia than from Europe or the US at the show. Chinese customers were particularly drawn to the company’s bigger, bold, mother-of-pearl mosaic jewellery set in silver, noted marketing manager Nittipong Wongchompoo.
The US and Europe remain Nida Factory’s top export markets. “Business has been relatively steady for us this year. We have been doing a lot of OEM work, producing the designs of our customers. They are pleased with the quality and craftsmanship of our work as seen in our own designs and trust us to do a good job on their pieces,” Wongchompoo said.
For its ODM offerings, Nida Factory requires a minimum order of US$3,000 and clients need to buy at least 20 to 30 pieces per design.
New opportunities
Returning to the June Hong Kong Fair after a long absence was Precious Products Jewelry Co Ltd, which was out to seek opportunities from Asian and Australian buyers.
The Thai manufacturer was quite satisfied with the outcome of the show, said sales and marketing manager Suwit Arunkeereewat. “Traffic was quite good and we were quite busy. As we have a very wide range of products, we had something to meet the requirements of all markets,” he explained.
Precious Products presented an expansive range of simple, contemporary silver jewellery pieces with gemstones and diamonds at the June Hong Kong Fair. It is also showcased small, cute designs in plain silver as well as silver jewellery pieces with accents in 9- or 14-karat gold.
Wilson Top Jewellery Watch (Hong Kong) Co Ltd took the opportunity at the show to promote its Moving On Jewellery line with movable inserts in silver pendants embellished with cubic zirconia.
According to marketing manager Lily Yuan, the company signed up new clients from Spain, the US and Germany at the show. Animals, hearts and keys were among the popular choices for inserts, she said. The company's minimum order requirement is 30 pieces per design, with wholesale prices starting from US$18 per piece.
The Moving On Jewellery line has gained a good following in the US and Europe in the three years since its launch, Yuan said. “We have more than 1,000 designs so we recommend that customers choose a selection to test their market first. If it is successful, we can manufacture their designs following our concept but they need to pay for the master model and the mould and order more than 100 pieces per style,” she remarked.
The June Hong Kong Fair took place from June 23 to 26 at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. It featured more than 2,200 vendors from 41 countries and regions.

Triple Tree Export Co Ltd's Peerush Jarugosol presents his company's new Jueri brand
Wing Wo Hing Jewelry Group Ltd's booth at the June Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair
Mosaic mother-of-pearl silver jewellery by Nida Factory Co Ltd of Thailand
One of Precious Products Jewelry Co Ltd's silver jewellery collections highlighted at the June Hong Kong Fair
Wilson Top Jewellery Watch (Hong Kong) Co Ltd's Lily Yuan

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