Better Silver banks on its Roma 1947 brand for growth

By Bernardette Sto Domingo

Italy-based Better Silver is shining the spotlight on its recently launched jewellery brand, Roma 1947 as well as its well-loved, classic silver chain jewellery items. According to Paolo Bettinardi, CEO of Better Silver, the company’s latest collections attracted buyers from the Middle East, South America and Europe at the March Hong Kong Fair.

Bettinardi describes Roma 1947 as a jewellery collection that exudes a feeling of Italian sophistication. “The inspiration came from seeing a photo of my grandparents in Rome after World War II. Written on the back of the photo was Roma 1947, which I found fascinating. That era was perhaps the best and the most elegant in the history of Rome,” he recalls.

A team from Better Silver then conducted an extensive research on the Italian lifestyle in Rome to capture the best elements of that period. Jewellery pieces from Roma 1947 retail for US$50 to US$150 each.

Despite a generally challenging business environment in 2015, Better Silver recorded a 5 to 10 percent growth from 2014 mainly due to a strong performance of the US market. A number of European customers also contributed to business growth, Bettinardi says.

“Some important markets started moving, which was crucial to maintaining our growth momentum. The beginning of 2016 seems promising; we are noticing positive changes in the market,” he continues. “It’s important for manufacturers to follow trends and provide an expansive range of products and variety to customers. Besides chains, we are now manufacturing more products under our brand, and this has proven to be attractive to our customers.” The company recently introduced new silver chain products adorned with cubic zirconia.

“We also want to introduce our brand to new markets. We are now looking for distributors and partners from China, Vietnam, Singapore, South Korea, Canada or Europe. The Asia market is highly interesting for us,” adds Bettinardi.


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