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Artistic tendencies
Silver jewellery brands are riding on the wave of self-expression, bringing unique perspectives of art and design to the market. Symbols, aspirations and ingenious turns result in fascinating works that transform jewellery into art. SILVERSTYLES looks at some of the jewellery brands that give voice to their passions through their design language.
Modern perspectives
Silver lends itself well to designer brands, serving as pliable medium for the vision and creativity of artistic minds.
Heartfelt endeavours
In today’s world of 24-hour news cycles and social media frenzies, information and sensory overloads are driving consumers to a return to basics.
Persona’s message
Self-expression lies at the core of Persona. Since its launch in 2009, the North American brand has been creating sterling silver bead and charm jewellery that inspires women to express their inner self and personality.
Next frontier
Silver jewellery brands have growth on their minds. Established players are increasingly venturing beyond domestic shores to grab a greater share of the international market.
Themed narratives
Enchanting design directions steer the maiden efforts of silver jewellery manufacturers venturing into branded territory this year. Central themes and concepts are also an essential component in the strategies of silver brands pursuing international expansion. SILVERSTYLES takes a look at the unique selling propositions of silver jewellery brands seeking to make an impression in the market.
Brand essentials
Silver lends itself well to brands. The versatility and relative affordability of the white metal are a jewellery designer’s dream, allowing him or her to cast creative spells that tell compelling stories.
Peanuts personified
North American brand Persona is gearing up for growth this year through international expansion on the back of licensed designs and brand extensions.
Storied jewels
Brands highlights their USPs for international acclaim
Unique propositions
Brands stand out through novel offerings
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